Can you Swim with a Sprained Ankle

Can you Swim with a Sprained Ankle?

Can you Swim with a Sprained Ankle? Yes! You can swim with a sprained ankle when the pain allows you. The water’s buoyancy can help reduce swelling in the joint and give the ankle back its range of motion. Don’t do tumble turns or use your feet too much, and don’t jump into the water. Here we have talked about some more things that you can do or not when your ankle is sprained. Here are the things!

Is swimming good for a sprained ankle?

Moving the ankle softly after a sprain rather than forcefully is essential. If you’re swimming, ensure your legs don’t kick too hard, as this can worsen the ankle injury.

Caring for an injured ankle also entails avoiding over-exertion; if feasible, sit out or limit activities until the ailment has completely healed. Swimming can benefit recovery from sprained ankles; however, before beginning any new fitness plan, always consult a doctor.

Swimming is an excellent exercise to aid in healing a damaged ankle. Swimming improves blood circulation and reduces ankle inflammation.

While swimming, you can stretch your muscles and enhance your range of motion by doing simple exercises like squats or toe touches. Choose supportive swimwear that allows you to move freely without restricting your body movements. Stretching and icing are also recommended regularly. Sprained Ankles

Can you overwork the legs for your sprained ankle?

Swimming may help your ankle heal faster since the motion stimulates blood flow. To avoid worsening your sprain, warm up before swimming and stretch afterwards.

Don’t force your leg to kick; this can further damage or enlarge the ankle. Resting the ankle will also help it heal faster, so don’t be afraid to avoid it if that’s what feels best for you.

If the pain lingers or there is a loss in the range of motion after a sprained ankle heals on its own, you should seek medical assistance.

Why you should prevent excessive exertion for sprained ankle?

It is important to avoid over-exertion if you have a sprained ankle. Swimming might help your ankle heal faster if done correctly and with prudence.

When undertaking activities like swimming or jogging, it’s also important not to weigh too much on the foot or ankle. Elevating your injured ankle may provide pain relief while also increasing blood flow to the area.

Rest is essential. A sprain can be repaired with time and patience, but if you feel substantial swelling, redness, or soreness in the ankle, visit a doctor.

More activities related with sprained ankle

We may also have more questions for other activities if we have an ankle sprain. Here are those!

Can you walk with a sprained ankle?

You can walk on a sprained ankle as long as it doesn’t hurt more when you do so. We suggest walking on a flat surface with shoes that support you and taking short walks of 15–20 minutes as often as possible. If it doesn’t hurt, you can slowly add 5 minutes to how long you can walk daily. Try to wear shoes with a lot of padding and put your foot up after you walk.

Can you run with a sprained ankle?

After a grade 1 or 2 ankle sprain, you can usually run again in 4 to 6 weeks if you follow a thorough rehabilitation plan that a Physical Therapist gives you. Grade 2-3 ankle sprains can keep you from running for up to 3 months. If you can hop on the hurt foot for up to 60 seconds without feeling any pain during or afterwards, it’s a good sign that you can try a short run on a flat surface.

Can you go hiking after spraining your ankle?

After six weeks, you can hike again after a Grade 1-2 ankle sprain. We recommend taking your time because hiking is done on uneven and sloping surfaces, which can worsen an ankle sprain or make it more likely to happen again. Consider getting hiking shoes with good ankle support and build up your cardiovascular fitness by riding a bike before you go.

Can you still play basketball if your ankle is sprained?

If you have a sprained ankle, playing basketball is not a good idea, especially in the early stages when the pain is still bad. We always tell you to see a physical therapist if you have a sprained ankle. If you have a mild ankle sprain, they may tape your ankle to make it more stable so you can play basketball sooner, or they may suggest that you wear an ankle brace.

Can you play volleyball if your ankle is sprained?

If your ankle is sprained, you shouldn’t play volleyball right away. First, you need to walk without pain, hop without pain in the sport, and hop without pain in different directions.

Final Words

Swimming can help a sprained ankle feel less painful and swollen, but you should be careful to avoid getting hurt more. People with sprained ankles should avoid stairs for at least 48 hours after the injury. Swimming should only be done if there is nothing else to do.


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