How to sit Comfortably with a Fractured Pelvis

How to sit Comfortably with a Fractured Pelvis?

If your pelvis has been fractured, the first question comes to mind is, “How to sit comfortably with a fractured pelvis”? Actually, there have no rules to sitting with a pelvis fracture! The first thing with pelvis fracture, you must avoid long sitting because long sitting will increase your pain rapidly. A simple thing should follow while sitting! Use your arms to steady your body as you slowly lower yourself into a sitting position. Here we have talked more about how to sit comfortably with a pelvis fracture!

How to sit comfortably with a fractured pelvis?

How to sit Comfortably with a Fractured Pelvis
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Slowly lower yourself into chairs. Grab the arms of the chair (check the latest chairs) with your hands and slowly lower yourself to sit down.

Use your arms to keep your upper body steady whenever you sit down. This will help keep you stable and protect your pelvis while you sit.

If you hurt your pelvis, you may need help sitting or standing for the first two weeks. This is normal.

What should not do when sitting with a fractured pelvis?

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Don’t sit for long periods. When you sit, you put pressure on your pelvis, which isn’t good for healing.

If you’re going to stay in one place for a long time, try to lay flat in the bed so your pelvis is in a relaxed position.

Even when you sit in a recliner, your pelvis is in a position that isn’t natural.

How to sleep comfortably with a fractured pelvis?

Here are two sleeping rules with a fractured pelvis!

Sleep on your back or side

How to sit Comfortably with a Fractured Pelvis
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You can either sleep on your back or side. You can sleep on your back, which will keep your pelvis in a neutral position, or on the side of your fracture that hurts you the least.

If you have hurt your pelvis, you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach.

For example, if your pelvis is broken on the left side, you can sleep on your right.

Sleep with pillow

How to sit Comfortably with a Fractured Pelvis
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Use a big body pillow (check the best pillows) to keep your pelvis from moving while you sleep. Put a pillow between your knees or under them.

Put the cushion between your knees if you’re sleeping on your side to support your pelvis.

Put the pillow between your knees to assist your pelvis while sleeping on your side.

When you get into bed, try to move your bottom as far as possible onto the bed before you lift your legs.

How to get out of bed with pelvic fracture?

When you have a pelvic fracture, rolling to the unaffected side of the bed is the most incredible method to get out of it. These three actions will help make it easier.

  • Roll to the strong side
  • Scoot the hips close to the edge of bed
  • Push up from the bed or side rail while removing both legs from the mattress.

You don’t need a separate bed; a bed rail can help make this operation simpler. Certain rails can be simple to setup, while others don’t need to be.

Final Words

Pelvic injuries need much care and proper treatment to get better. When the pelvis breaks, it hurts a lot. They take a long time to heal compared to other broken bones. Because it takes so long to heal, it can sometimes be life-threatening, particularly for older people. Since the pelvis bone supports a lot of body weight, it is important to get enough bed rest while healing. Besides this, you may have to do some exercises for your pelvic fracture for rapid healing. But for that, you have to visit a physical therapist. He/she will asses your condition and recommend the best exercises!


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