Is Walking good for Ankle Arthritis

Is Walking good for Ankle Arthritis?

A person with arthritis in the ankle may look for many questions. “is walking good for ankle arthritis” is the most one of them! With the first impression, we have to tell that walking is good for your ankle arthritis. Here we will discuss this! Stick here till the end!

What is Ankle Arthritis?

When cartilage in the ankle breaks down and hurts the joint, this is called ankle arthritis. Cartilage is a smooth, spongy tissue that covers the ends of bones where they meet to form joints. It acts like a shock absorber and gives the bones a soft place to land when cartilage breaks down. The bones in a joint rub against each other and wear down.

Is Walking good for Ankle Arthritis?

If you have ankle arthritis, pain and stiffness in your feet and ankles can make it hard for you to walk, run, or do the things you like to do daily. Ankle arthritis can be treated in several ways, from doing nothing to getting injections or surgery.

When you have arthritis in your ankle, walking is a great way to deal with pain and stiffness. When comes about arthritis, physiotherapists often say that “motion is lotion.” Your feet and ankles hurt and become stiff when you have ankle arthritis. The best way to deal with this kind of arthritis is to walk. With arthritis, walking can help you move your ankles, feel less pain, and improve overall mobility.

Walking is the best way to get stronger and move better, but it takes time. If you have arthritis in your ankle, the best way to see the progress that can help with your pain and limited mobility is to walk every day.

Is it Possible to Live with Ankle Arthritis?

Yes! It is possible to live with ankle arthritis. But arthritis makes life difficult to live because it has a very painful condition! If you are aware of your disease and follow your physiotherapy doctor’s suggestions, you may lead a better life.

For that, you first have to visit a GP doctor and then a physiotherapy doctor. Your GP doctor will give you some medications, and your Physiotherapy doctor will suggest you a complete health guide. In that guide, you will get exercise protocols to help you live a better life!

Final Words

Before starting a walking plan, a person with ankle arthritis should talk to their doctor or physical therapist. They can start slowly and build up intensity over time. If a person tries to do too much too soon, it can hurt them or make the pain worse.



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