can you walk on a partially torn achilles tendon

Can you walk on a partially torn Achilles Tendon?

Can you walk on a partially torn Achilles Tendon? Yes! You may still be able to walk though your Achilles tendon is partially torn! But it will be painful and may delay the healing of your partially torn Achilles tendon.

If your Achilles tendon is completely torn, you may be unable to bear any weight on the affected leg that is hurt. It will become tough to walk.

Injuries to the Achilles tendon are not very common in the general population. Still, if you play sports or do other recreational activities a lot, you run the risk of tearing your Achilles tendon.

Research suggests that over 80% of Achilles tendon ruptures happen to people who play sports or do other active things for fun.

But what is the Achilles tendon’s role, and what happens when it gets torn or ruptured? Here we will tell you things you need to know about this Achilles Tendon sports injury.

How do you know if your Achilles is partially torn?

When the Achilles tendon is partially torn, the back of the lower leg hurts. Often, this feels like someone kicked you in the back of the ankle. Also, you might hear a snap, crack, or tear. There may be swelling around the Achilles tendon, and pain and weak calves may make it hard for you to walk. Some other signs are:

  • Stiffness 
  • Balance problems
  • Spasm 
  • Deformity

Can you walk on a partially torn Achilles Tendon?

Yeah, you can walk with a partially torn Achilles Tendon. You will feel different when walking with a partially torn Achilles tendon. Depending on how much of the Achilles tendon is damaged and how long ago you tore it.

If there is a sizable chunk, it could be difficult to push off with your front foot and unpleasant to place your heel on the ground.

If the tear is minor or more in the middle of the tendon, it might only be slightly uncomfortable when you walk or even painless unless you try to move quickly.

If you have a slight rip, it may go away in a few days; if you have a major tear, it may take weeks to go away. It may even be partially cured, and you can walk easily.

But it will be best to rest before completely healing your partially torn Achilles tendon. We will encourage you to walk no or less!

Why you should not walk much with a partially torn Achilles Tendon?

If your Achilles tendon is partially torn, you should not walk much because this could make your recovery take longer or make it hard to do the exercises you need to do to strengthen the tendon.

Even though walking might not be sufficient to cause other tears or even a full rupture of the tendon, it can cause inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

Your doctor or physical therapist may tell you to take certain precautions, like wearing a brace, to keep your ankle in a neutral position and lessen the stress on your Achilles tendon.

Also, you shouldn’t do anything that requires you to push off with your toes or make sudden turns while walking or running.

These things can make it more likely that your partially torn Achilles tendon will get worse.

It is important to do what your doctor and physical therapist tell you if you want to keep from getting hurt again.

If walking hurts or makes you feel bad, it’s best to stop, apply ice or cold therapy, and raise your foot above your heart level.

It would help if you also took painkillers and medicines to reduce swelling and pain.

It can be tempting to push yourself past your limits when you seek to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

But it’s important to know that walking around with a partially torn Achilles tendon can cause more damage and make the healing process take longer.

Can you walk on a complete torn Achilles Tendon?

Although you can walk on your completely torn Achilles Tendon, it won’t be like normal walking. You’ll probably be walking with your foot flat.

If the tendon is completely ripped or ruptured, you can no longer lift your feet off the ground, and your calf muscles cannot propel you forward, leading to a flat-footed walking gait.

You may know that the calf muscles, which help you move forward as you walk, are joined to your heel bone via the Achilles tendon.

If you suspect your Achilles tendon is torn completely, you should not walk. You should consult with your physician or physical therapist as soon as possible!

Final Words

We suggest that if you have an injury in your leg and visible swelling, you should go to a doctor or physical therapist near you! If you can not lift your feet anymore, visiting a doctor is more necessary because your Achilles tendon may be torn entirely! You may need surgery for this as soon as possible!



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