famous athletes with knee replacements

Famous Athletes with Knee Replacements: 7 Famous Athletes

Knee replacement is commonly known as knee arthroplasty or complete knee replacement. It is a surgical operation used to resurface an arthritis-damaged knee. Metal and plastic components, as well as the kneecap, are used to cap the ends of the bones that comprise the knee joint. You may already know about it! But you may not know the famous athletes who did knee replacements in their life! That’s why you are here! In the content, we will talk about seven famous athletes with knee replacements!

List of the Famous Athletes who did Knee Replacements

Do you know the famous Athletes With Knee Replacements? After all, many athletes have undergone knee replacement surgery and have continued to compete in sports. Here is a list of famous athletes who have had knee replacements:

  • Joe Namath
  • Tiger Woods
  • Kurt Angle
  • Bill Walton
  • Terry Bradshawv
  • David Prowse
  • Jack Nicklaus

Here we will discuss the details of those famous athletes in more information below!

Famous Athletes with Knee Replacements

World-class sportsmen frequently play with knee pain and arthritis to reach their winning and success goals. Unfortunately, knee pain may be devastating, particularly after a player’s playing career has ended, affecting the quality of life and movement. Eight famous world-class athletes have had knee replacements, with a few returning to international competitions are talked about below.

Joe Namath

Famous Athletes with Knee Replacements

Broadway Joe Namath, the legendary quarterback for the New York Jets, had his arthritic knees replaced at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York in April 1992. Namath had both knees replaced during a four-hour surgery when he was 49.

After 20 years of knee pain and giving out, Dr. Chitranjan Ranawat did the surgery. Namath said that he got his knees replaced because he was afraid he would drop one of his young daughters because of how bad his knees were.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer of all time and one of the greatest athletes ever, has experienced more injuries than most. At 32, he suffered an ACL tear in his left knee in 2007. He ended up having a knee replacement as a result.

Only one week after winning the 2008 US Open, he underwent the operation, and since then, he has added to his impressive collection of medals. Tiger has recovered from all of his ailments, from strained elbows to dislocated shoulders, and has consistently achieved a golfing victory!

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was a famous athlete with knee replacements_3

Kurt Angle, the WWE champion and former Olympic gold medalist. He was a famous athlete with knee replacement! He had his arthritic knees replaced on May 24, 2022. Angle has had multiple orthopedic injuries and surgeries due to his wrestling career, including neck fractures and other spinal problems.

Angle is best remembered for earning an Olympic gold medal in 1996 while wrestling with a fractured neck for the duration of the games. Angle was given 12 doses of Novocain before matches to help alleviate his pain. This resulted in future neck problems that needed surgery.

Angle also struggled with pain medication addiction in 2003, necessitating rehab and counselling. Angle admitted to taking up to 60 pain relievers each day at times.

Bill Walton

Bill Walton is also a famous athlete who had done his knee replacement! In April 2013, Bill Walton went to the Sharp Coronado Hospital in San Diego, California, to have his left knee replaced.

Peter Hanson and Joseph Jankiewicz, his surgeons, used technology guided by a computer to do the operation. Walton said he had 37 orthopedic surgeries on his feet, ankles, and spine. The feet, ankles, and spine are fused in these procedures.

Terry Bradshawv

Terry Bradshawv was a famous athlete with knee replacements_5

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP has had both knees replacement. Dr Lowry Barnes replaced Bradshaw’s right knee in 2015. The same Little Rock team replaced Bradshaw’s left knee in 2021.

Bradshaw was sent to UAMS by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr James Andrews of the Andrews Institute in Gulf Stream, Florida. Andrews is largely regarded as the country’s most well-regarded sports medicine orthopedic surgeon.

Both procedures were performed after his career with the Steelers ended in the early 1980s. Bradshaw has hosted FOX NFL Pregame and Postgame studio shows alongside Howie Long, Jimmie Johnson, Curt Menafee, and Michael Strahan for decades.

David Prowse

David Prowse was an accomplished weightlifter and the man behind Darth Vader’s distinctive black armour and mask. Before becoming a personal trainer, the man mountain won three British weightlifting championships.

His illustrious clientele included Hollywood heavyweights such as Superman and Christopher Reeve. Prowse underwent surgery at 74 after suffering from long-term knee pain. He continues attending Star Wars gatherings worldwide after his successful procedure.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus was a famous athlete with knee replacements_7

Jack Nicklaus is among the best golfers, having won 18 major championships. He had partial knee replacement surgery on his left knee in 1999. Even with all of the surgery, he continued to play golf and even won the Father/Son Challenge in 2002 with his son.

FAQs about Knee Replacements

A knee replacement is one of the most dangerous surgical operations. It’s typical to ask, “Can you run with a knee replacement?” Here we have talked about some questions about knee replacement that can come to your mind!

Can you play sports with a knee replacement?

Most medical professionals advise against engaging in high-impact sports after knee replacement surgery. Remember that you should only participate in the sports and physical activities your surgeon suggests in moderation. When in doubt, exercise caution and safeguard your knee replacement!

Can you go running after a knee replacement?

Yes! You can run after your knee replacement. Many athletes continued their careers after performing their knee replacement! The majority of knee surgeons recommend starting jogging or running after six months. This is because the body takes a long time to recover from illness. It’s not simply about building up your muscles. The bone to which the new knee surfaces were attached also needs time to settle and stabilize.

What sports can you not do after knee replacement?

You should avoid the sports responsible for making a high force in your knee. Sports like football, rugby, and tennis are not recommended for your replacement knee joint. Running and jumping are high-impact activities that deliver significant force to your joints and bones.

Can you join gym after knee replacement?

Before beginning a new sport or physical activity, consult with your doctor. You can devise a plan for appropriate exercises together. If you have knee osteoarthritis, experts recommend that you stay active. In around 12 weeks, you should be able to resume most of your normal activities.

Can you lift weights with a knee replacement?

People are frequently astonished to hear that they are not only allowed but also encouraged to lift weights after having a joint replacement. Lifting weights is, in fact, the best thing a patient can do to extend the life of their artificial joint.

Can you climb stairs after knee replacement?

You will learn to climb stairs safely with crutches right after surgery. You will be able to climb without crutches as your healing progresses. Stair climbing will be a lot easier with the help of physical therapy by strengthening the quadriceps muscles.

What is the common age when a patient do their knee replacement?

The most prevalent age group for knee replacement patients is between 50 and 70. Patients over 70 may also benefit significantly from the mobility and comfort that a prosthesis provides.

How long do artificial knees last?

Knee replacement gives greater mobility, pain relief and a higher quality of life for most people. Most knee replacements should last at least 15 to 20 years.

What are the Best Hospitals for Knee Replacement?

It’s hard to tell what is the best hospital for knee replacement because everyone’s needs and choices are different! We can not tell about this in specific. Here we are giving a list of the hospitals where knee replacements are done regularly in the USA!


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