quality of life after ankle fusion

What is the Quality of Life after Ankle Fusion?

Chronic ankle injury or ankle fracture may lead to persistent ankle arthritis. And due to this, walking, working out, or climbing stairs may become unbearable. So now it’s time to consider your treatment options. When nonsurgical treatments don’t work, ankle fusion can eliminate pain and restore movement. Here you will learn about the quality of life after your ankle fusion! Stick till the end to know about this!

Ankle Fusion

Ankle fusion is also known as arthrodesis. It is a surgical procedure. Ankle fusion involves cleaning the worn-out ankle joint and fusing the bones with screws, plates, and bone transplants. Ankle fusion improves discomfort and reduces the range of motion in your ankle. Restricted mobility might alter your walking style, resulting in wear and tear and, eventually, painful arthritis in other regions of your ankle, knee, and foot. Ankle fusion takes more time to recover than ankle replacement, and patients may wear a cast for up to 10 to 12 weeks. Physical therapy is not part of the rehabilitation process because the ankle joint is locked.

Quality of Life after Ankle Fusion

The majority of individuals experienced pain relief after an ankle fusion. But, residual symptoms continued. The maximum walking distance was increased; rarely was walking without assistance achieved. In most situations, the gait pattern is only minimally altered; re-entry into the workforce is frequently possible. It is only sometimes possible to climb stairs without any limitations. The psychological state will be comparable to that of healthy persons. Very few papers discuss activities and quality of life after ankle fusion. Despite its limitations, this comparative analysis shows a trend toward improved functional outcomes after ankle fusion.

FAQs about Ankle Fusion

Is ankle fusion worth it?

The benefits of ankle fusion include pain alleviation, lifespan (often a better option in younger patients), and ultimately satisfied patients. The disadvantages include less natural motion and a longer healing time after surgery.

Can You walk normally after Ankle Fusion?

After ankle fusion/surgery, you will need to use crutches or a walker for 6 to 8 weeks. Your doctor will notify you when you can put weight on your ankle.

Can you climb stairs after ankle fusion?

You should fully intend on at least 12 weeks of getting better at home before you can go back to your regular activities. You will need crutches to walk or go up and down stairs because you won’t be able to put weight on your ankle.

Can you run after fusion surgery?

If you’ve undergone fusion surgery, you’ll most likely have to wait six months before you can resume running. Because bones need to heal, fusion surgeries are among the most difficult to recover.

What is the success rate of Ankle fusion surgery?

Patients who undergo ankle Fusion have a good prognosis and a fast recovery time. This treatment has a success record of more than 95%, making it suitable for treating back and leg pain that has not been relieved by physical therapy or steroid injections.

Final Words

It’s true that any kind of surgery is risky and makes a tough life! But if conservative treatment fails, you must go for ankle fusion. Due to ankle fusion, the ankle’s range of motion may reduce, but the pain should reduce or eliminate. If you follow your physiotherapy doctor’s guidelines, then you may lead a quality life after ankle fusion.



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